Real Estate & Land Use

Our real estate practice spans the full spectrum of commercial and residential real estate transactions, including development, investment, sales, leasing, financing and construction. We represent buyers and sellers, borrowers and lenders, builders and owners, brokers and investors, and landlords and tenants in completion of projects and settlement of disputes throughout the states of Oregon and Washington and across the country.

Construction & Development Support

We provide comprehensive legal services to real estate developers and contractors for projects of all sizes and scope, from single-unit residential homes to large-scale commercial developments.

Land Use

We handle matters ranging from complex comprehensive plan amendments with related zone changes and land divisions to simple partitions before municipal and county tribunals throughout Oregon.  We assist applicants with coordinating consultants, communicating with officials, and obtaining approvals necessary to move forward with their project.

Real Estate Transactions

We have the depth to handle large scale and unique transactions and the experience to efficiently complete common transactions such as the negotiation of commercial, agricultural, and residential rental and lease agreements, tenancy-in-common agreements, and easements.  We also create or modify documents for homeowners associations, covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs), and residential and commercial condominiums and planned unit developments.

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