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Sherman Sherman Johnnie and Hoyt, LLP provides legal services to individuals and businesses in Oregon, Washington, and throughout the country from its base in Salem, Oregon.

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    Your Tenant Actually Moved Out, Now What?

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Committed to building trusting, long-term relationships that make a positive difference for our clients, the diverse talents of our members allow us to tailor creative solutions to fit each client’s situation. Our service is defined by our creativity, empathy, and results.

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    Your Tenant Actually Moved Out, Now What?

    If you’re a landlord in Oregon, either by choice or happenstance, your most worrisome concern is probably what happens if a tenant won’t leave at the end of the lease term or after an eviction notice is served.  There are horror stories galore and, with the ever-changing landlord/tenant law, landlords question when, and if, they…
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    Social Media Posts

    An employee posted on Facebook that her manger was a “scumbag” and was terminated for the comment. The termination was unlawful. A Chipotle employee tweeted about his low pay and was fired. The firing was unlawful. An employee posted a status update on Facebook using expletives about her Employer. She was terminated for her comments,…
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    Are You Complying With Oregon’s Employee Retirement Savings Plan Requirements?

    In recent years, Oregon has enacted a dizzying array of new employment-related laws:  mandatory minimum wage, mandatory sick leave, predictive scheduling, and “ban the box,” to name just a few.  For employers, new laws are coming so fast that they can be hard to keep track of, creating a risk of being penalized for failing…
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    Is Your Lot Legal?

    An often-overlooked issue regarding real property is whether the lot or parcel being conveyed was legally created.  Oftentimes a lot or parcel is sold multiple times, among multiple parties, leading everyone involved in the transaction, the buyer, the seller, and the title company, all to assume the lot was legally created.  Too often, however, the…
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    Secured Transactions and Maturity Dates

    In Oregon, attention must be paid in drafting loan documents and identifying the date final payment is due (the “Maturity Date”).  In loans secured by real property, the Maturity Date should be included in any recorded mortgage, trust deed, memorandum, or amendment.  If not included, the creditor is deemed to have a ten-year period from…
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