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Sherman Sherman Johnnie and Hoyt, LLP provides legal services to individuals and businesses in Oregon, Washington, and throughout the country from its base in Salem, Oregon.

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Recent Updates

    Is Your Lot Legal?

    An often-overlooked issue regarding real property is whether the lot or parcel being conveyed was legally created.  Oftentimes a lot or parcel is sold multiple times, among multiple parties, leading everyone involved in the transaction, the buyer, the seller, and the title company, all to assume the lot was legally created.  Too often, however, the…
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    Secured Transactions and Maturity Dates

    In Oregon, attention must be paid in drafting loan documents and identifying the date final payment is due (the “Maturity Date”).  In loans secured by real property, the Maturity Date should be included in any recorded mortgage, trust deed, memorandum, or amendment.  If not included, the creditor is deemed to have a ten-year period from…
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    Access to the Internet through Company Devices

    Use of company-owned electronic devices can create many pitfalls for unsuspecting business owners.  Company devices are often used for personal communications.  In some instances, employees use company devices to look for and obtain their next job, or plan their exit from the company. Absent hiring someone to sit behind each employee and observe their computer…
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    A practical issue that is often overlooked when preparing an estate plan is deciding who will be in charge of disposing of your remains.  People sometimes assume that their personal representative, trustee, or trusted loved ones will automatically get to decide about this issue.  This mistaken assumption can sometimes lead to costly and hurtful disputes…
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    Janus Ripples Being Felt in Oregon

    Last July we highlighted the case of Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees. That Supreme Court case held forcing non-union workers to finance union activities “violates the free speech rights. . . by compelling them to subsidize private speech on matters of substantial public concern.” The article ended with: “It is…
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