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Sherman Sherman Johnnie and Hoyt, LLP provides legal services to individuals and businesses in Oregon, Washington, and throughout the country from its base in Salem, Oregon.

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Committed to building trusting, long-term relationships that make a positive difference for our clients, the diverse talents of our members allow us to tailor creative solutions to fit each client’s situation. Our service is defined by our creativity, empathy, and results.

Recent Updates

    Janus Takes On the Union and Wins

    Since 1977, when the United States Supreme Court decided Abood v. Detroit Board of Education, it has been constitutional for labor unions to require non-members who benefited from collective bargaining efforts to pay dues to ensure “labor peace.”  The Court in 1977 distinguished this from dues that went to support the union’s political activities.  Those…
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    Selecting the Right Entity: Sole Proprietorships

    In a previous article, the various types of business entities were broadly discussed. This is the first article focusing on a single, specific type of entity, and this one is perhaps the simplest to structure and operate. Simplicity, though, should not be the sole determinative factor. When you are starting a business, there are numerous…
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    Oregon’s New Advance Directive Statute

    Oregon has a new advance directive law.  The new law, which was signed by Governor Kate Brown on March 16, 2018, creates a process to update Oregon’s 25 year-old advance directive form. An advance directive is a legal document that allows a person to name a family member, friend, or other individual to make health…
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    Doing Business With Marijuana – Business Partners Beware

    Despite the current administration’s hostility, the overall trend for the cannabis industry remains positive.  States with some form of legalization now outnumber those without it.  Bills are being proposed in Congress to legalize marijuana to various extents.  Recent press, such as reports that medical marijuana has reduced opioid abuse, remains overwhelmingly positive. Nonetheless, the industry…
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