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    Financial Institutions Should Beware of Incomplete Requests for Verification of Customer Financial Information

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Committed to building trusting, long-term relationships that make a positive difference for our clients, the diverse talents of our members allow us to tailor creative solutions to fit each client’s situation. Our service is defined by our creativity, empathy, and results.

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    Financial Institutions Should Beware of Incomplete Requests for Verification of Customer Financial Information

    As Lender’s know, the Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) regularly request verification of certain customer financial information.  Pursuant to ORS 192.588, DHS and OHA are required to certify to the financial institution in writing, signed by an agent from DHS or OHA that: the person whose account information is…
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    USDA Announces Interim Rules for Hemp Regulation

    The 2018 Farm Bill directed the USDA to establish a national regulatory framework for hemp production.  The statute would allow, among other things, federally-chartered banks to do business with the hemp industry.  However, until such regulations are established, lenders have remained reluctant to take deposits from the hemp industry.    Those regulations are near at…
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    Online Purchases – Where Can You Sue?

    From eBay to Amazon, more and more purchases happen online.  You can buy running shoes, a car, even a house, from the comfort of your home while sitting in front of a computer.  Geographic distances between the buyer and seller that used to be insurmountable are now, in many instances, obsolete.  But those same geographic…
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    New Rules For Oregon “Small Estates”

    In 2019, the Oregon legislature modified the rules for administering “small estates” of persons who die on or after January 1, 2020. By way of introduction, an estate is a “small estate” if the total value of the assets that need to be administered does not exceed the following values:  $200,000 for real property and…
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    Your Tenant Actually Moved Out, Now What?

    If you’re a landlord in Oregon, either by choice or happenstance, your most worrisome concern is probably what happens if a tenant won’t leave at the end of the lease term or after an eviction notice is served.  There are horror stories galore and, with the ever-changing landlord/tenant law, landlords question when, and if, they…
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